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Dispatches From Blogistan
by suzanne stefanac
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about the author

Acapfter abandoning her first career as a chemist, Suzanne Stefanac wrote about technology and its social and business implications for more than fifteen years and published in Wired, Macworld, Salon, PC World, Publish, New Media, San Francisco Chronicle, California Lawyer, and Rolling Stone, among others.

With the emergence of the web, Stefanac was founding editor of Macworld Online, overseeing technology, creative, editorial, and business aspects. She was an executive producer for The Site, an hour-long, nightly program about technology that launched on MSNBC. She co-founded RespondTV, an interactive television infrastructure company, where she served as senior vice president for creative and production, overseeing applications for clients such as Coca-Cola, Ford, American Airlines, Purina, Comedy Central, and PBS.

Stefanac has provided strategic consulting for a variety of efforts. She designed and built a website for General Wesley Clark’s PAC and oversaw a website in seven languages for Quincy Jones’ We Are the Future project. Stefanac conceived and built a website for Macarthur Fellow and American Book awardee Guillermo Gómez-Peña. She recently was named Director of the American Film Institute’s Digital Content Labs.

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