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Dispatches From Blogistan
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interview with christian crumlish online
08.3.06 @ 11:46:48 pacific

Mcap.gifany thanks to Christian Crumlish for his informed thoughts about blogging and the world fast growing up around the phenomenon. Christian has been blogging since before there were true tools for the task and manages enough blogs that he finds it useful to aggregate the content on his x-pollen site. Happy reading and many thanks to Christian.

interview with laura lemay online
06.21.06 @ 11:45:21 pacific

Lcap.gifaura Lemay’s wonderful books — from Teach Yourself Web Publishing With HTML in a Week to Teach Yourself Perl and Java — have served as primers for many of today’s web denizens. She has forsaken book writing for the present, but her blog offers a fix for those wishing to keep up with her many interests. Laura’s interview with Dispatches from Blogistan offers a window onto the dilemmas facing anyone involved in book publishing today, as well as astute observations about the world of blogging. In addition, she generously provides an excellent list of pointers to websites and blogs she finds of interest. As with all the interviews listed on this blog’s right-hand column, readers may comment.

interview with jamais cascio online
06.8.06 @ 02:42:14 pacific

/feed/atom/Jcap.gifamais Cascio is someone to pay attention to. Over the course of nearly twenty years, he has managed to stay at the forefront of both technological and social change. In fact, he was one of the founders of the truly excellent World Changing website. You can follow his exploits these days by visiting Open the Future. His fine interview for Dispatches is well worth the read.

interview with craig newmark online
06.8.06 @ 02:24:33 pacific

Ccap.gifraig Newmark of craigslist.com graciously granted an interview. You can read it now! Many thanks to Craig for taking the time and for his many efforts over the years.

interview with farai chideya now online
06.2.06 @ 01:18:59 pacific

Fcap.gifarai Chideya spends a great deal of time on the road, reporting real life stories from New Orleans to Skid Row, and New York to San Francisco. Her main venue these days is NPR’s News and Notes with Ed Gordon show, but she’s a veteran of television, print, and online journalism — with a couple of blogs to her name, as well. We thank her for taking the time to answer a few questions about the state of journalism and blogging’s place within it. Read the interview here.

cory doctorow interview now online
05.25.06 @ 01:06:53 pacific

Icap.gifn this interview with Dispatches from Blogistan, science fiction author, online rights activist, and longtime blogger Cory Doctorow covers the gamut. Cory touches on the history of Boing Boing, provides background and context for questions of fair use and copyright, explains why open source is to our mutual benefit, discusses the value of tagging as a means to discovery, and talks about how blogging and associated social networks may facilitate healthier democracies. It’s a big bill but Cory fills it well. Read the interview here.